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May 2013 

 A busy month raising funds for our charities.  We have now decided to help another Spanish charity 112carlotagalgos which rescued Eli.  Charlotte does some wonderful work with the galgos and podencos in her care.  Please go to her website at


Pepi's 2014 Calendar Photo Competition

The Blue Greyhound is putting together a fantastic calendar for 2014 to raise funds for Pepis Dog Refuge based in Pedrera, near Seville in Spain. The 2013 calendar was a huge success, and we received ...lots of positive feedback from buyers in the UK, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Finland, France, USA and Canada. We would love you to submit your pictures of your galgos for the calendar. There needs to be a good selection of galgos sleeping (should be easy!), playing, having fun on holidays, fun in the snow and Christmas pictures. Each picture you submit for the competition costs £1. These pictures need to be in high resolution please.
All pictures to be sent to with payment through Paypal using this address – please remember to send payment as a donation then we will not have to pay Paypal fees on this.
We need to have all pictures in by 31st May. Those pictures chosen for the calendar will be notified by email by 10th June – the 12 winning galgos will get a bag of doggy treats, and our Calendar Galgo Cover Star will get a super selection of yummy treats and a toy from The Blue Greyhound.
The calendar is professionally printed with gorgeous large A4 size pictures, so please support Pepis Dog Refuge and submit those photos of your gorgeous galgos!


April 2013 

Forever in our Hearts
our beloved Robbie xx

 On the 17th April we regrettably had to make the decision to have Robbie PTS.  I held him in my arms told him how we all loved him as he made his way to the Bridge to join Tara, Tina, Bessie, Sadie, Peggy, & Alfie.  The last few days he was obviously in pain, he was suffering, such a hard decision to make, but it is the last act of kindness we can do for our beloved dogs is to set them free.

 The local paper The Huddersfield Daily Examiner publish Eli’s story with a lovely photo.  Locally she is getting well known and is a bit of a celebrity!

 Our gorgeous photo taken of Eli at the 112carlotagalgos arrives, taken by professional photographer Martin Usborne.  We think Eli is suitably impressed!

 See more of Martin’s work at


March 2013

We continue to prepare for our Summer Shows; we have lots of events planned for this year.  Just hope we have a better summer than last year when many events had to be cancelled due to the heavy rainfall!

 Robbie celebrated his 12th birthday on 16th March – he shared his favorite meal of warm roast chicken with Cassie and Dillon. 

 Eli arrived with us on 25th March.  Dillon. Robbie and Cassie all gave her a very warm doggy welcome.  Thankfully Chris Marshall who drove all the way from Spain with Eli managed to get her home safe and sound despite our heavy snowfall.   Eli will help to promote the plight of the galgos here in the UK.


February 2013

Our collection/events diary has commenced this month, a huge thank you to our local Pets at Home for their continued support.

 We have decided to adopt a galgo, they suffer such dreadful abuse in Spain at the hands of their hunters.  After much deliberation we have decide to adopt Eli from 112carlotagalgos, a very pretty galga.


January 2013

A Happy New Year to all our supporters!

We had a poor start to the year, my old greyhound boy Robbie suddenly started limping on one of his back legs.  An x-ray has revealed he has bone cancer, the prognosis is poor.  We will manage him with pain relief and ensure he is spoilt rotten for the last few weeks of his life.


December 2012
Unfortunately Mark had to cancel the auction planned for Pepis Dog Refuge due to an accident.  We wish Mark a speedy recovery, hopefully we can re-arrange next year.

 We would like to thank Claire Williamson who held a fundraising stall for The Blue Greyhound selling homemade cakes and gifts.  We value your dedicated support Claire.

 We held a collection in Huddersfield town centre on Christmas Eve which was a huge success.  A big thank you to all our volunteers and supporters who come out every year whatever the weather!


Auction For Pepis Dog Refuge
It has been a year of bad luck for Jane and Alan at Pepis, dogs have been poisoned with one tragically dying then the floods caused dreadful devastation.  More recently the generator and then their car all packed in, plus there have been personal family tragedies to contend with.

We are so very grateful to Mark Bajerski who has kindly offered to help raise funds for Pepis with his Miracles and Empowerment Circle, by hosting a Christmas Charity Auction.  Mark has held auctions to raise funds previously for dog charities when living in the UK.  He now lives in Mijas, Andalucia in Spain and works as an International Psychic and Healer.


Pepis Dog Refuge Charity Galgo Calendar 2013
Following on from our successful photo competition for this calendar, it is now on sale.  A beautiful calendar featuring lovely photos of galgos, many of those from Pepis.  Only £6 a calendar available from our Ebay shop.  These are proving very popular and we have had to place a further order from our printers.  These calendars have been posted out to Sweden, Belgium, Finland, France, USA and Canada, and we have had a lot of positive feedback from them.  Please order soon, limited supply now remaining

Look out for our Christmas cards on sale soon!.


Thank you to Joanne Hetherington
Joanne completed the grueling Isle of Man end to end walk on 23rd September in 11h05m this is a huge achievement to complete this course of almost 40 miles.  Joanne has raised just over £200 for The Blue Greyhound which is incredible, she has also supported two other dog charities. 
To have Joanne’s committed continued support of The Blue Greyhound is really appreciated and valued, thank you so much again Joanne. 
Joanne is already planning her next event to raise funds, a Coffee morning to take place next month.


Isle of Man End to End Walk 2012

Our wonderful supporter Joanne Hetherington on the Isle of Man is undertaking the grueling end to end walk on the Island which takes place on 23rd September 2012.  The course is just under 40 miles and must be completed in 10 hours.  Joanne will be raising funds on the day for The Blue Greyhound, Cork DAWG and Lancky Dogs.
 Please show your support and help to raise funds by signing up sponsors.  We are so grateful to Joanne for her continued dedicated support and wish her all the best with her training for this event.


1st April 2012
Please take a look at our page highlighting the charities we are currently supporting.  Recently we added on Pepi’s Dog Refuge in Spain which does some wonderful work in an area of Spain where there is much animal cruelty.  We have now added on a local charity to The Blue Greyhound which is West Yorkshire Dog Rescue.  This is a small registered charity that again does some fantastic work taking in unwanted and abandoned dogs, then caring for them with foster carers until their forever home comes along.  They may be a small charity, but they often deal with some dogs other rescues refuse to take on, on average they rehome 200 dogs a year.  The Blue Greyhound is happy to support their work.  Please take a look at their website for more information.


From Heaven to Hell, The Story of the Galgo Espanol by Beryl Brennan, Forward by Anne Finch

This book is being sold to raise funds for Pepis Dog Refuge and is available from The Blue Greyhound Ebay Shop, a must read for anyone wanting to know more about the galgo

Throughout the book at the beginning and end of each chapter, Beryl tells the story of a galga and her puppies, rescued by volunteers.

What happens to the galga, where do her puppies go, what other events happen at the shelter, what happens with other galgos?

Here is a taster from Chapter 1 Origin of ‘Galgo Espanol':-

"The bitch cowered in a corner of the derelict building, eyes dull but fearful, her skeletal body covered in scars, protecting her puppies struggling vainly to suckle from her malnourished frame. The woman stood quietly, her eyes adjusting to gloomy light, observing the scene before her eyes. If she could gain the bitch’s trust, approach with food and water, then there was a chance that she could catch her and take her back to the shelter……and then, as the bitch turned, the woman saw the dog could barely move, not only had the bitch 8 puppies to care for, she had injuries to her front legs…"

How has a descendent of such a noble breed of dog come to be regarded as ‘vermin’ in the eyes of the Spanish and abandoned in this way?

This book is a definitive guide to the Galgo Espanol including the history of the breed, diseases, Spanish and European animal protection laws, Spanish and International rescue associations.  It is a must read for everyone wanting to know more about this breed of dog

This book is heartbreaking, a buyer on Ebay who recently purchased this book wrote to me, ‘Have just finished reading the book, I managed to keep myself just about together until the last bit where Charl collapsed on the floor and sobbed, I am there with her - the hopelessness of it all when all that is left is to cry your heart out!’

Anyone involved with rescue work can relate to this, the situation in Spain is dreadful, how the rescuers cope on a day to day basis dealing with such cruelty I will never know.  Spain should hang its head in Shame!


March 2012
The Sighthound Welfare Trust has announced that it will cease to operate from the end of April.  At present they are still dealing with the outstanding funds and allocating grants.  This was a difficult decision for Wendy and all the trustees to make.  Over the years the Sighthound Welfare Trust has made a significant contribution to sighthound welfare at a time when not many organisations existed to help.  However, today things are very different, many rescues have their own fundraising ideas, forums, Facebook presence and this is how it should be.  It was felt now that SWT was competing with them on the fundraising front rather than helping, this was never intended or desired. 

It is an end to an era, SWT worked extremely hard, so many dogs and rescues have been helped over those years.  Many dogs now in kind loving homes due to the work of SWT.  The forum was a close knit community where advice was readily on hand.  SWT will be missed.

 SWT raised funds for sighthound charities in the UK, Ireland and Spain.  From the work SWT did many people became aware of the plight of the galgo in Spain, these dogs suffer dreadfully at the end of the hunting season with excess of 50,000 cruelly disposed of.  In recognition of this The Blue Greyhound has decided to raise funds for Pepis Dog Refuge in Pedrera, near Seville in Spain.  Pepis relies entirely on voluntary contributions to continue its work; many of the dogs they take in are the much traumatised galgos.  Jane and Alan Brian set up Pepis in 2005 after discovering a dog hanging from a tree, it had been cruelly killed.  Since then it has become a labour of love and they have given shelter to over 600 dogs. 

The Blue Greyhound is happy to support their fantastic work, please download their leaflet for further information

Pepis Leaflet or visit their website at


Coming Soon!
The Blue Greyhound has been nominated as one of the charities to benefit from a book launch expected in April/May.  The book sales are expected to raise a million dollars for charity.  We are so grateful to be nominated as a beneficiary for this, it is very exciting.

More news on this to follow very soon!!


January 2012 
As we start the New Year we would like to thank all our volunteers/supporters for their committed continued support.

There are so many both locally and nationally who contribute to ensure The Blue Greyhound is successful in raising much needed funds for those dogs that need it.  Our local collectors, the Isle of Man fundraisers, Seascale sorting office (Cumbria), plus the many people who donate craft items, cards, etc.



Christmas Eve 2011
We collected in Huddersfield town centre on Christmas Eve.  Thank you so much to all our volunteers who helped with their festive hounds.

A special thank you to the very kind lady who always brings us lots of bags of food for the dogs when we are out collecting.  These were taken down to Whitehall Dog Rescue, Brian who runs Whitehall was very grateful for this donation.


Clairvoyance Evening
Regrettably, our Annual Clairvoyance Evening did not take place this year due to the sudden death of Una Pearce in October.  Una with colleagues had raised money for many charities over the years.  She was a good friend of The Blue Greyhound; the money she raised has helped so many dogs.  We are truly grateful.  A very special lady who will never be forgotten.


Isle of Man Fundraisers

A big thank you to Karen McHarg and Joanne Hetherington for their committed support to The Blue Greyhound.

In August Karen had a stall selling The Blue Greyhound merchandise at the annual sponsored greyhound walk and raised £138.


In November Joanne held a coffee morning and sold lots of The Blue Greyhound goodies raising £144.


The Blue Greyhound Dogs Visit!
When we held a collection in Huddersfield town centre in August we were invited to bring our dogs to meet the residents of Greenacres.  Greenacres is a residential home for elderly people in Meltham.  Our dogs took up the invite and went and met all the residents in September, they were a huge hit!  They absolutely loved all the attention and one gentleman very kindly fed them his bourbon biscuits which were soon devoured.  Lots of pictures were taken and the residents had a collection whilst we were there and raised £34.81 which was wonderful.  Dillon, Cassie and Robbie behaved impeccably and were real ambassadors; they have been invited to return soon!



The calendars we produced for Lincoln Greyhound Rescue are selling well.  A big thank you to everyone that donated photo’s for the calendar.  There are only a limited number left now, these can be purchased through our Ebay shop:-
 or direct from Lincoln Greyhound Rescue :-


Calendar Competition
The Blue Greyhound is putting together a fantastic calendar for 2012 to raise funds for Lincoln Greyhound Rescue.  We would love you to submit your pictures of your greyhounds and lurchers for the calendar.  There needs to be a good selection of hounds sleeping (should be easy!), playing, having fun on holidays, fun in the snow and Christmas pictures.  Each picture you submit for the competition costs 50p. These pictures need to be in high resolution please.

All pictures to be sent to, payment can be sent through Paypal using this address – please remember to send payment as a donation then we will not have to pay Paypal fees on it.

We need to have all pictures in by 14th May.  Those pictures chosen for the calendar will be notified by email, by 31st May – the winning hounds will get a goody bag of their choice of some delicious homemade treats from The Blue Greyhound.


New Charity - Lincoln Greyhound Rescue

The Blue Greyhound has included Lincoln Greyhound Rescue as one of its supported charities.  Lincoln Greyhound Rescue is part of the Doris Banham Dog Rescue.  It is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of abused and abandoned greyhounds.  It is a voluntary organisation that totally relies on donations to continue its vital work.  They collect dogs from pound situations as well as from trainers.  Please see The Blue Greyhound Ebay shop for Lincoln Greyhound Rescue t-shirts, sponsor dogs and special appeals.

The Blue Greyhound continues to support Greyhound Action and Action For Greyhounds UK.  We have some super Greyhound Action t-shirts and a great selection of Action For Greyhounds notelets available in our Ebay shop.


Happy New Year
Happy New Year 2011 to all our supporters and a big thank you again to everyone who has helped us raise funds for The Blue Greyhound throughout 2010.  We have a fantastic network of supporters, whether you help out on collections/events, donate goods to sell on Ebay or hold your own fundraising event, we are very grateful for your help.

Last year our fundraising ended with our ever successful annual Clairvoyance evening which was a sell-out, our thanks go to Una and Sandra for all their hard work again, then we had a fantastic collection in Huddersfield Town Centre on Christmas Eve.  This year we will be as busy as ever raising funds for our designated charities as well as promoting greyhounds as pets, but also helping to raise the awareness of the cruelty and exploitation of these wonderful dogs in the name of ‘sport’.



Following the sudden death of Alfie in September, Robbie has joined The Blue Greyhound pack.  An oldie at 9 years old, he traveled all the way from Scotland to join us.  Thank you to everyone at the Greyhound Awareness League for making this possible.  Robbie is now at last in his forever home with Cassie and Dillon.  He has settled in very well and is very much loved.


Christmas Cards & Calendars
Have you checked out our Ebay shop recently?  We have a lovely selection of unique handmade greyhound Christmas cards kindly made and donated by Penny one of our dedicated volunteers.

We will soon be listing some packs of Christmas cards designed by Tomasz Adamski and some greyhound calendars, both produced by Action For Greyhounds UK.


Thank You to Anne Sykes for yet another donation to The Blue Greyhound.  Anne is a local tarot card reader and many of her customers donate to us.  We would like to thank Anne for her continued support and commitment.



On Sunday 26th September, our beloved Alfie suddenly died.  He had only celebrated his 11th birthday earlier in the month.  Alfie had always been fit and well, so his loss has been a huge shock.  He was a wonderful ambassador for his breed, a real gentle giant who helped raise funds for The Blue Greyhound in his younger days.

Alfie will be greatly missed by all his family as well as Dan, Nancy, Harry and of course his companions Dillon and Cassie.

Run free at the Bridge Alfie with Peggy until we meet again.


August Isle Of Man Fundraising

On 8th August Team Greyhound held their annual sponsored walk.
All proceeds from the walk were donated to the RGT and The Greyhound Sanctuary.
Team Greyhound again held a fundraising stall, to raise awareness & sell Blue Greyhound goodies.
A total of £230 was raised which is wonderful.
A big thank you to Team Greyhound for all their hard work and special thanks to Joanne for her continued support & dedication.


Blue Greyhound Huggyhoundz

We are now selling the official 'Blue Greyhound Huggyhoundz' in our eBay shop.  Bessie stands at 14" high and 17" long - a good old fashioned armful of cuddly hound.  Bessie wears a pretty matching bandanna with her picture on.  She comes complete with her own adoption certificate so you have the option to change her name.  For more information see
As you can see, our greyhound Alfie has fallen in love with her.


Isle Of Man Fundraising

Our grateful thanks again go to 'Team Greyhound' on the Isle of Man for their continued support.  On 11th June, they held a fundraising barbecue to coincide with the TT races.  The Blue Greyhound goodies sold well on the evening.  £200 was raised, which also included a couple of sales after the event. A special thank you to our wonderful supporter Joanne Hetherington who continues to co-ordinate the Blue Greyhound fundraising on the Isle Of Man.


Honley Show 2010

We attended Honley Show on 12th June, and had another fantastic day.  Thank you to everyone for all their hard work on the day, and to all our supporters who visited our stall.  Our gorgeous soft toy greyhound was won by one of our younger visitors who correctly guessed the pup's name - IZZY.


Sighthound Welfare Trust
The Blue Greyhound has included Sighthound Welfare Trust as one of its supported charities.  SWT is a registered charity that raises funds and donates grants to many sighthound charities in the UK, Eire and Spain.  Please check out their website at


The Blue Greyhound eBay Shop
Our shop continues to increase sales, thank you to all those wonderful people who regularly donate goods.  Last month another portrait from the artist Thomasz Adamski raised £ 258 for Greytexploitations designated charities.

Please check out our shop for some great bargains.


Cassie joined us on 13th March 2010, yet another greyhound discarded by the greyhound racing industry.  Cassie is loving her retirement and never stops wagging her tail.  She will now take over Peggy’s role and help to raise funds for The Blue Greyhound.

Cassie loves her new brothers Dillon and Alfie!


Peggy, our beautiful blue greyhound girl helped to raise funds for The Blue Greyhound, sadly lost her fight with renal failure on 13th February 2010, at the age of only 9 years.  She was a wonderful girl who will be greatly missed by her family.


Rest in Peace Peggy until we all meet again at Rainbow Bridge


Thank You
Thank you to all The Blue Greyhound supporters and volunteers without whose continued support and help we could not continue our work.  Last year we raised over £11,000 which is wonderful.  This money has helped many dogs as well as assist Greyhound Action with its’ continued fight against greyhound racing.

The Blue Greyhound also donates to other charities whenever possible, in recent months this has included donations to Dog Action Welfare Group in Cork, Lincoln Greyhound Rescue and GreytExploitations – who will donate this donation to local greyhound charities.


Clairvoyance Evening
On Tuesday 17th November, we held our annual Clairvoyance Evening.  As last year, it was a total sell-out & The Blue Greyhound raised £462.  Our heartfelt thanks to Clairvoyants Una Pearce, Sandra Lee & Antoine Reeves and everyone who helped make the evening a big success.

Rusty's Portrait
The Blue Greyhound eBay shop raised a fantastic £396.92 for this original portrait of Rusty The Greyhound that was donated to by the artist Thomasz Adamski.  Many thanks to Thomasz and all the bidders!


Greyhounds Galore 2010 Calendar
A4 size (21cm x 30cm), each month a separate page featuring 2 great pics!  The calendar highlights all the relevant bank holidays and has space for you to write in all those important dates.  Printed on quality paper, it is spiral bound and ready to hang

Price £7.50 from or our eBay shop:-

September Fundraising

What recession?  The Blue Greyhound goes from strength to strength.  Cheques are sent monthly to our three chosen causes.  Last month, we sent out cheques totaling over £900.  A big thank you to all our supporters.

Action for Greyhounds UK - 2010 Calendar
The 14 x A4 page calendar features 9 greyhounds rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed by AFG and a further 3 greyhounds belonging to supporters.  Photographs are supported by text relating to the greyhounds featured and remembering greyhounds lost. Further text on the inside page highlights the inevitable welfare issues associated with commercial greyhound racing.

Price £7.95 from  Soon to be stocked in The Blue Greyhound eBay shop.

Sponsored Walk - Isle of Man
On Sunday 16th August, a sponsored greyhound walk took place on the Isle of Man, with all the proceeds going to the RGT, and The Greyhound Sanctuary. 

Team Greyhound  - Isle of Man’  (Joanne Hetherington, a supporter of TBG together with friends Sally, Karen & Jayne)  held a fundraising stall, to raise awareness & sell Blue Greyhound goodies.  A total of £363 was raised which was fantastic.  A big thank you to Joanne for all her hard work on the day.

'Team Greyhound' raised a grand total of £3275 on the day!!

June 09 Fundraising
    Another great month for good causes sees TBG write cheques totaling over £1,200 to the charities.

Brighouse Charity Gala, 27th June 09.
Debut appearance at this fantastic event for The Blue Greyhound.  Over 70 charity stalls, all doing plenty of business.  Spot our stall if you can! 


Honley Show May 09
Attended by over 14,000 people, and a good few of them visited "The Blue Greyhound's" stall.  Over £600 was raised.  Thanks once again to all our wonderful volunteers.

Bark in the Park August 08.
A doggy fun day in Ravensknowle Park, Huddersfield


Greyhound Action Collection May 08.
Huddersfield Town Centre.  One of TBG's first town centre collections.


Blue Greyhound Media Coverage

Huddersfield Examiner May 09

Report on the very successful first year of "The Blue Greyhound"



Huddersfield Examiner Jan 04

Report of when Bessie hung up her collecting tin.